Behind Terrasses du Larzac domaine Le Clos du Serres is husband and wife team Sébastien and Béatrice Fillon.

Sébastien was born in St Etienne, in the Rhône-Alpes region; he became a winegrower at 30 after working as an engineer in Lyon, where he met Béatrice (an employee of French sports store Décathlon). In 2001 he saw the light, resigned, and started studying for his agricultural BTS qualification, working harvest in Beaujolais in 2004 and 2005 before moving with Béatrice to the Languedoc village of Saint Jean de la Blaquière in 2006.

Here, they purchased 15 hectares of vines planted on a variety of soils including sandstone, pebble, shale and ruffes (described by Sébastien as “geological jigsaw”), built a house and winery from scratch, and started crafting a range of terroir-based wines with aromatic complexity and freshness (2013 was their first certified organic vintage).

With one wine venture under their belt, team Fillon decided to take a further step: in 2011, in collaboration with partner and brother-in-law Nicolas Mollard, they made a brand new, Mollard & Fillon-branded wine. Working with other producer-partners from the St Jean de la Blaquière area, they have created a benchmark for the Terrasses du Larzac appellation and are thus promoting a new form of sustainable agriculture and solidarity, ensuring a fair return for the growers.

Asked why he’s so enthusiastic about his adoptive area of Languedoc, Sébastien replies: “I spent three years searching for a vineyard, and this is where I found everything I needed to make great wine: arid soil, deep water, sun, a very particular climate. The Terrasses du Larzac appellation is still young but its reputation is coming on in leaps and bounds; the number of seriously high quality vineyards in the sector is incredible.”