Robin and Liz Williamson started Domaine de Saumarez in May 2004 after deciding on a change from their lives and jobs in London. Starting with 8ha this Anglo-New-Zealand couple have increased the vineyards to 14ha, all organically farmed since 2009. The vines sink their roots into a unique rocky terroir called Aalenien, made up of jurassic limestone and calcite, giving the wines from the Domaine layers of finesse and richness. Robin and Liz promote bio-diversity around their vines, leaving the local flora as much as possible to promote a healthy environment for the bugs and beasts and to encourage living soils.

Domaine de Saumarez offers a range of rosé, white and red wines based on Southern French varieties and also a limited edition range of more international varities. Their domaine has recently been included in the Revue des Vins de France guide, a recognition of all the hard work they have put into their wines for the last 17 years. The couple enjoy welcoming visitors to the domaine to taste wines and look out over the Mediterranean sea shining in the distance.

Our domaine was selected by French wine magazine La Revue du Vin de France in their Green Guide 2021, the first time we have presented our wines for tasting by the RVF. On top of this our Sangiovese was selected as one of their favourite wines to look out for in 2021. We very much appreciate feedback from professional tasters but place as much value in the comments our private customers give us.