Both Karen and Emmanuel had a good deal of wine knowledge before starting to make their own cuvées (their first vintage was 2008). With professional experience with Brown Brothers (Australia), Hugel (France), Taylor Fonseca (Portugal), Thelema (South Africa), Chapoutier (France) and Tenuta di Arceno (Italy) under her belt, Karen has worked since 2004 at the nearby Prieuré de St. Jean de Bébian (a well-known Languedoc domaine that has been recently acquired by Russian owners). Her husband’s career includes time with UK retailer Oddbins and wineries in France, South Africa, Australia and Italy, coupled with training as a sommelier, and biodynamic studies with François Bouchet and Pierre Masson.

This Franco-Australian team farms their vines according to biodynamic principles and makes gastronomic, “straight and honest” wines whose acidity and tannic structure ensure an ability to age: these are fine wines that reveal their true potential when matched with food (“they’re table wines, in the most practical sense”, says Karen). According to Emmanuel’s philosophy, all the work takes place in the vineyard: in their small cellar, tucked away at the back of their village house, he and Karen are happy to let things happen and observe. Their stated aim is “to battle for the recognition of high quality wines from the south of France and challenge preconceived ideas.”