Domaine des Enfants was founded in 2006, but the concept existed long before that. As a child in Switzerland, Marcel Bühler had always dreamed of becoming a gardener. Over the years he somehow digressed and ended up in Zürich, at Crédit Suisse. Feeling dissatisfied, he left Zürich on sabbatical and eventually became not a gardener but a winegrower, and this is what Domaine des Enfants represents: the return to childhood dreams.

After studying at Geisenheim School of Oenology and some time spent in Barcelona, Marcel settled in the Roussillon, drawn to the region by its magnificent landscapes, complex and diverse soils and ancient vines. In 2010 he found a partner: Carrie Sumner, a native Oregonian, had first came to the region in 2008, working on a project for Abe Schoener of Napa Valley. After years working in the New York city restaurant business Carrie began her winemaking career in Napa working on Abe’s Scholium Project, which then led to following harvests in Maury. Marcel and Carrie met at the Maury café: the two have been working as a team ever since.

Domaine des Enfants’ mission is to preserve the existence, diversity and inherent qualities of the Roussillon, presenting its wines as a product of nature: farming sustainably and enhancing biodiversity are logical consequences. “We are constantly seeking equilibrium within ourselves, in nature and in our wines,” explains Carrie. “Healthy, lively soils are the prerequisite for expressive and characteristic wine, so most of our vineyards are ploughed by horse, and the vines are weeded by hand and picket. We do not perform ‘winemaking’ – rather, our wines are the exact result of what the vineyards create, thanks to our work during the year. We try to intervene very little with the natural process and give the wines time to find harmony and balance. We do not just want to make great wine, but we would like to provide people with our personal thoughts, animating them to think about the authenticity to be found in our work.”


 Domaine des Enfants

8 Bis Boulevard Pierre Basco

66220 Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet

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