The Outsiders are a group of Languedoc-Roussillon wine producers, and a number of them will be pouring their wines at this year’s PROWEIN (Düsseldorf, March 24-26).

About the Outsiders

Working in the south of France, these maverick winegrowers are creating exciting wines which make full use of the region’s highly diverse soil types, climatic conditions and grape varieties.

The group’s members come from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, the USA – and Bordeaux. What they have in common is a conscious decision to relocate to this part of France to start a career in wine, recognising the potential of Languedoc-Roussillon’s terroir.

A few of the Outsiders were involved in making or marketing others’ wines, before crossing the line and becoming producers themselves. However, most of the Outsiders do not come from winemaking backgrounds; the group includes members with careers in business management, advertising, sales and marketing, property construction, investment banking and finance.

Coming from “outside” means having an alternative perspective, which can sometimes translate into doing things a little differently. Thus, the group organises tastings with a twist (as evidenced by their recent “pictures instead of tasting notes” campaign, which they have presented in London, Montpellier and Paris).

The Languedoc Outsiders at ProWein are:

Jon & Liz Bowen (Domaine Sainte Croix, in Fraïssé des Corbières Hall 7.1 A 11-08
Brigitte Chevalier (Domaine de Cébène, in Faugères
Hall 7.1 A11-11
Eric & Vianney Fabre (Château d’Anglès, in St Pierre la Mer Hall 5 H128

Jan and Caryl Panman (Château Rives-Blanques, in Cépie Hall 5 D116

Robin and Liz Williamson (Domaine de Saumarez, in Murviel-les-Montpellier) Hall 7.1 A11

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+33 (0)6 17 66 02 53

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